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This is the personal blog of Herpetologist and Amphibian Conservationist Andrew Gray.

Through this blog I hope to bring you an idea of my work with reptiles and amphibians, including husbandry, research, fieldwork, and education, in the hope of sharing my experience, expertise and interest in these wonderful creatures. I am proud to work for The Manchester Museum, part of The University of Manchester, England.

Amphibian Ark - Our vision is the world’s amphibians safe in nature, and to ensure the global survival of amphibians,

AmphibiaWeb - An online system that provides access to information on amphibian declines, conservation,

Andrew Gray - Andrew Gray is a Professional zoologist, teacher, and speaker.

Asian Turtle Conservation Network - Help develop and promote turtle conservation efforts in Asia.

Ann's World - Building relationships with happy and healthy parrots. With regular blog updates.

Austin Stevens - About Austin Stevens adventures through his experience of traveling around the globe.

Axolotls - Is a site for just purely axolotls enthusiast learning their background, biology, and care in captivity.

BBC Deadly 60 - About Steve Backshall's adventures and reveling some deadliest animals.

British Taravtula Society - Promote and encourage the Responsible husbandry, research, captive breeding, conservation

Crocodopolis - A Crocodile Specialist Group, the organization committed to crocodilian conservation worldwide.

Cyberlizard - Acess to all links about Cyberlizards from herpetology to guest book vioces of cyberlizards.

Cryptobranchid Interest Group - Is a support of research and conservation for hellbenders and giant salamanders.

David Attenborough - Britain's best known history film maker with his earliest and latest videos.

DGHT - Is a German website for amphibians and reptiles around the world. Featuring information and knowledge.

Discovery - Website holding many TV episodes of life from Discovery Channels with shows and many more.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - International charity working towards saving our species from extinction.

This is the personal blog of Herpetologist and Amphibian Conservationist Andrew Gray.

Mark O'shea - Full of information and him and his expeditions across the world with talks, videos and images

Marwell Wildlife - Conservation activities includes managing individuals and populations of threatened species,

Types Of Reptile, Lizards, Amphibians, Pet Lizards, Snakes - Information about looking after reptiles and other species.

Science Daily - Is a source educating for every species from manuals, reptiles, amphibians, fish etc.

Science Kids - Website suited for teaching young children to learn and understand reptiles.

Societas Europaea Herpetologica - In the study of amphibians and reptiles, and their conservation.

Southeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation - Organization of scientists, naturalists, citizens,

Steve Backhall - About his own adventures around the world brought into one place with loads of interactions.

The Biodiversity Group - Life from the outside as well as the inside of reptiles, amphibians, inverts etc.

The Harpetological Society Of Irland - Advance, and promote, awareness and understanding of herpetofauna.

The Reptilian - Helping enthusiasts and beginners who are thinking about keeping an exotic animal as a pet.

Tortoise Trust - Understanding tortoises behavior in nature and to develop new techniques in captive husbandry.

University Of Chester - Is a PDF link of information and understanding about Lighting for reptiles.

UV Guide - Information about UV lighting for all reptiles with help and key points of learning UV Lighting.

Vetark Professional- For caring and looking after your pets with professional help and medications.

World Chelonian Trust -Teaching and learning all different species of Chelonian around the world.

World Parrot Trust - About saving parrots and their habitat with interesting forums to get involved and take action.

Zoologist Society of London - A learning center for all ages to educate animals and their habitats.

Pet Info Club - Discover interesting stories here about pets that you won't find elsewhere.

Muskturtle - For everything musk, care, advice, tips and a shop. The aim of this site is to educate anybody wanting to start keeping these creatures.

Bristol Zoo Gardens - We are the Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society Limited – a conservation and education charity.

The Prince's Rainforests Project - Encouraging nations to slow their deforestation rates and to raise awareness of climate change.

Weather Online - A handy website to check the UV Index of your local area.

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