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Product Reviews

D3+ Desert Reptile Lamp

I won’t be buying any other brand of UVB from now on

Bearded dragon under D3+ T8 Desert Reptile Lamp

“Since switching to your T8 12% D3+ UV, my beardie Drake has gone from being lethargic to running around, eating, shedding and pooping more often, and to boot his colours are improving -he’s not even had it that long. I won’t be buying any other brand of UVB from now on.”

Josie Masters.

D3+ UV Flood Lamp

The colours on my animals are really coming out

Lizards under T5 lamps

“I invested in two of your lighting systems for my bearded dragons. I must say I am very impressed. The light is so much brighter and the colours on my animals are really coming out.

I love the simple one cable that does away with the old heavy t8 controller and all the cables that went with it. I love the flicker free t5. I work in a reptile shop and I always recommended arcadia lighting. Now I have tried the u.v flood system for myself I wouldn’t go past it. Easy to fit into the vivs. I will definitely be investing in one more for my sons dragon in the future.”


High Output T5

Huge improvements with T5

Lizards under T5 lamps

“We collected these guys last year, they have had a varied life to date and originally came from a zoo, then into a private collection. They had been kept for three years under standard T8 lighting with a UVA spot lamp.

Upon getting them home we had them under the 54w T5 with stat controlled ceramic heaters. They prospered, their condition and activity levels improved tenfold. They now have humongous appetites with the male weighing in at just over 8 kilos. Their colours improved within weeks and blues started to show through the grey. As for reproduction, now that he is coming out of his first winter, this big boy is definitely firing on all cylinders.

As we are coming into season we also installed the halogen basking spot light and have noticed greater levels of activity from the female with a concentrated basking temperature. We have now put all of our vivs in our collection onto the T5 system and are currently converting to halogens.”

Laura Barrack.

High Output T5’s

Arcadia are certainly leading the way in reptile husbandry

Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard under T5 lamp

“I’m currently the Reptile Curator at Birmingham Nature Centre. Arcadia are certainly leading the way in reptile husbandry and your lighting products are exceptional. We currently use your high output T5’s with many of our lizards and tortoises. Here’s one of our Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard (Heloderma horridum exasperation) enjoying basking under your lamps.”

Adam Radovanovic.

T5 Slimline Vivarium Luminaire

I cannot recommend the Arcadia Reptile T5 system enough

monitor lizard under T5 lamps

“The monitor in the foreground was new to me and wasn’t feeding very well. Just eating pinkies, so I changed to a slimline T5 from a T8 after being recommended by a friend who breeds chameleons using these lights. I have noticed huge improvements in behavior, feeding & activeness patterns not to mention also giving better viewing light for myself giving more vivid colours.

The light fitting itself was very easy to fit with the two clips provided and just two screws with the added bonus of a small plug in lead only requiring a small hole to be drilled in my wooden viv overall I cannot recommend the Arcadia Reptile T5 system enough”

Lee Trush.

T5 Slimline Vivarium Luminaire and D3+ Lamp

Installing and switching it on took me less than 5 minutes!

bearded dragon under T5 lamp system

“After picking the BEST option for me I went for a 54w T5 Slimline Vivarium Luminaire with D3+ lamp to install into my 6ft by 2ft by 3ft young rhino Iggy setup. I searched the net for them and came across the fitting at a well known UK retailer. I ordered yesterday around 1pm came today around 2pm emails saying they got order, order sent out, order due to arrive at and even a text 30minutes before it came saying it would. AMAZING.

I had many tube units lying around but I don’t like them at all, cable cutting, many drill holes extra parts needed and so on. Checked a few videos out on the 54w T5 Slimline Vivarium Luminarie with D3+ lamp and they looked very tidy, easy to fit and most important for me good UV output and it has not disappointed. Slim, easy to fit from unpacking, installing and switching it on only took me less than 5 minutes.

Since fitting this my 4th Rhino Iggy (the shy one) has come out and basked almost nonstop CLEARLY he likes the new unit as nothing else has changed. So all good points: cheaper than buying bits separately, slim design, easy to fit, only 1 cable hole needed, only 1 cable comes in or out the viv, mains lead is removable for easy fitment. No hot unit sitting on top of the viv looking ugly.

I am VERY impressed and I am glad a reptile company has finally made a GOOD useable bit of kit. Normally I have to modify everything to work how it should EG cut cables and make my own male/female connections to minimise drill holes, fix extra clips to hold tube among many other NOT NEEDED ANYMORE THANKS”

Phillipniceguy, RFUK.


I would recommend this product to others

C.Parsonii under UV floodlight

“On December 1st I installed a 12% UVB floodlight canopy made by Arcadia (UVFlood) to my 1.2 meter sq. enclosure which houses my juvenile C.Parsonii. This was installed alongside an Arcadia T5 grow tube (Freshwaterpro), which maintains healthy plant growth.

I have observed the behavior of the C.Parsonii since the new installation and have seen an increase in the eagerness of the Chameleon to actively hunt for food. Also the chameleon will seek the light and bask (albeit from a shaded area of the enclosure). The 12% High output lamp and canopy gives off very stable UVB readings throughout the enclosure and throughout the areas of both high/ low and total shade. Providing Light including UVB in all areas is very easy to achieve. The UVB canopy is very lightweight, and does not pull or stretch the material it is resting on.

The canopy is extremely easy to install I will be using this product again in my next large enclosure and would recommend others to do the same. 10/10 for Arcadia products again, they are products that strive to replicate in as close a detail as possible the natural factors your reptile would be subject to in their natural habitat.”

Jamie, Chameleoco.

High Output T5

I saw an amazing difference in my plants!

“Along with Reptiles I share a passion for plants. Within days of installing the new T5 D3 lamp in combo with a 4000K bulb I saw an amazing difference in my plants! Freshly mounted cuttings began to grow new roots at an amazing rate, Bromeliads which had become faded overtime colored up and Tillandsia began to flower. I was quite impressed and then I added in my reptiles and my socks were blown off! Their activity levels immediately increased and because there is even light all the way to the bottom with these lamps, they even explore the bottom of the tank now too!

Bravo Arcadia, I will now be making the switch to T5 in all of my reptile tanks!”

Maureen, Wintergeckos.

High Output T5

We would not hesitate to recommend these lights

Chameleons under T5 lamps

“We have recently swapped our lighting to the Arcadia range of T5 lights, we have installed them over our Panther Chameleons and Parsons Chameleons, which are native to Madagascar and surrounding islands.

We all know that UVB provision is essential when keeping any diurnal reptile in captivity as not only is it important for the way in which the reptile views their surroundings, it is essential in the production, by the reptile of vitamin D3, without which, calcium absorption is severely impaired if not halted. Chameleons generally seek out areas of medium to high gradients of UVB. The T5 range has different percentages of UVB to choose from (6%-12%) which will suit all cage sizes so long as the correct gradients are provided.

Arcadias T5 range is noticeably brighter and gives off a much more natural “white” light as opposed to the blue hue of many bulbs, this gives the chameleons skin a more vibrant tone and colouration is much richer.
The coloured pigments in the chameleons skin, (amongst other external and internal stimuli) rely on light reflection/absorption to obtain the desired colour change. The blue/white pigments which are called iridophores, are actually colourless, but reflect the light to show a blue colour, so having a good quality light source is essential in the natural behaviour/colouration of these reptiles.

We have raised a Parsons Chameleon under the T5 lighting with fantastic results. We have observed both species basking under the T5 bulbs.

We have also used them over our red eyed tree frogs and hatchling blue day geckos and would not hesitate to recommend this lighting for reptiles and amphibians. As with all reptiles it is important to provide a range of basking spots and sheltered places.

We would not hesitate to recommend these lights to anyone with diurnal reptiles, or amphibians as they provide realistic and reliable lighting, with which we have had outstanding results.”

Jamie, Chameleoco.

High Output T5

When people come round I often get a “wow”

plants under t5 lamps

“I love the set up, when people come round I often get a “wow” how natural it looks with the lights so bright, like I’ve uprooted a slice of forest.

Initially I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve never used T5s before, but looks like I’m converted. I bought 2 of the lilies, both get the same amount of watering, one was standing in the terrarium once I had set the lights up, the other was on a windowsill, the one on the windowsill has lost most of its flowers, they turned brown and dried up, the one sitting in the tank has not only kept all the flowers but is still producing them. The mushroom and the bit of cork were just put in from another tank, I used them to capture tropical springtails and am in the process of transferring them. The mix of Arcadia reptile D3 T5 and Arcadia Original tropical pro really show the colours here well.”

Dave, RFUK.

High Output T5

The difference is amazing

bearded dragons under T5 lamps

“This is some pics of my dragons now ive changed over from T8S to T5S this difference is amazing didnt think it would make much difference but the difference is amazing from the activeness of the dragons they are much more active and the colour that as started coming through on babies that have gone in with T5S they are a lot more colourful going off previous clutches off same pairings i would recommend T5S as a must seeing is believing.”

Lee Dixon.

High Output T5

The brightness is incredible!

chinese water dragon under T5 lamps

“Well, firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank you, as the improvements are like no other. Before buying the T5 lamps I thought how can a light be brighter? Well, I was proven so wrong, and I honestly can not believe the difference in how bright the lamps are.

The colours of my CWD are normally a dark green, now they’re a bright green with a hint of light blue in her crest.. I couldn’t of been more wrong with how much the lamps can improve the colouration of the animals and the brightness of the vivarium!

I also put a T5 tropical daylight and plant lamp into my dart frog vivarium, it put the old lights to shame! Again the brightness is incredible! Also the plants are looking much better after less then a week of use!

So again really thank you, I could not be happier!”

Paul, RFUK.

High Output T5

Nothing short of astounding

chameleon under T5 lamp

“After ordering and making the switch to the new Arcadia T5 HO 12% lighting I must say I am supremely impressed. Not only do they give of a beautiful visible light spectrum and light the cages nicely, but the UVB output is nothing short of astounding. The difference is apparent not only in the look of the cage but my reptiles as well.

A huge step forward in lighting technology!!!!

Thank you for providing such a quality product to the North American market and pass my thanks along to the wonderful people at Arcadia for developing a product that makes the quality of life better for my reptiles.”

Hoj MacDonald.

High Output T5

Within days we noticed an improvement

chameleon under T5 lamp

“6 months ago we changed the U.V lights in our enclosure after hearing more and more people mention how good the Arcadia HO T5’s are. We thought we’d put them to the test!!!

Literally, within days we noticed an improvement, in the colour of our Chameleons. They went from dark green to a vibrant green with some mad colourful spots. Breeding and general behaviour has become more naturalistic.”

Rob Scales and Fangs Essex.

High Output T5 D3+ and D3’s

I wouldn’t use anything else!

“I’ve switched to Arcadia HO T5 D3+ and D3’s to light over 100 terrariums for breeder Dart Frogs and have been extremely pleased with the plant growth and health of the inhabitants. I wouldn’t use anything else at this point! My terrariums are brightly lit and the bromeliads are retaining their natural ‘sun grown’ color under these lights.

I’ve seen more outgoing behavior in the frogs since switching and the animals seem to instinctively locate the photo-gradients in the set ups by using branched wood and bromeliads at various distances from the lights. I had a 3″ screen section installed in the tops of all my custom terrariums and we’ve measure nice UV-B output inside at the level of the plant leaves and a nice gradient to the substrate floor.

I am very pleased with the results and will be retro-fitting another 20+ terrariums with Arcadia T5 lighting in the coming months for a collection of giant anoles and tree frogs next.”

Dr. Shawn Harrington, New Hampshire USA.

T5 Lamps

Not Just Lights

With the outbreak of T5 fever I thought I would write a little piece on the lights and why you should switch. The output of light from this system is 100%+ brighter than the old style T8s although this is still the clear second choice in the reptile world. When I switched to the T5 I left a system on The T8 and there was a clear difference even after running them for a few months there was no significant drop in brightness. I don’t keep just reptiles under these lights I have put them over my ‘Eco tanks’ which are mixed species tanks.

These tiger leg monkey frog are doing amazingly well under the T5 system with the live plants also flourishing.

The Bearded Anole I am keeping with the tiger leg monkey frog, these small anoles are breeding and thriving in the environment. The extra light given off by the T5 helps penetrate the depths of the tank which makes them the only choice with a tank height of 18 inches or more. When used with Arcadias new T5 lamp holder and reflector the new metal dimpled reflector bounces the waves of light at an angle which increases how much will pass though mesh lids.
These lights promote natural behaviour evident in breeding animals and also nocturnal animals. When I started running these new systems on my vivariums I started noticing more natural behaviour in nocturnal animals. They were not coming out as much in the day as they used to when they were under T8 light bulbs. In my vivariums I like to try and recreate nature you can only do this if the environment is at its best. These lights are the way forward.

Adam Hough.

T5 D3+ Desert lamp and Moonlight LEDS

All I can say is I have been 110% happy with them

I started using Arcadia lighting systems about three years ago on my chameleons. I then went onto buy two T5 systems around Christmas last year for my spotted lined day geckos (P.Lineata Elanthana) and my panther and Yemen chameleon. All I can say is I have been 110% happy with them and have had no problems whatsoever!

Many day geckos fail to have the colour of their wild relatives but my pair seem to have colouration that is very close since the installation of the T5 D3+ bulb. They have been incredibly active and I have also noticed increased feeding responses from both the male and female.

My chameleons have also showed changes in behaviour, feeding and colouration. The colours on both chameleons have intensified and their feeding response is better. They can also be seen now self regulating how much UV they wish to obtain by basking at different points in the enclosure.

I have also had great success using the Arcadia Moonlight LED lights on my two leopard geckos. The geckos instantly loved the bulbs and they are also great for viewing them for a few hours each evening. The blue given off is the closest I have seen to moonlight in moonlight reptile bulbs.

Overall my experience with the Arcadia team and products has been great. John is always willing to help with any issues or queries I have and am always given honest and unbiased information. I hope to expand on the Arcadia products I use in the future and give the animal the captive environment they deserve.

Bradley Walker. – RFUK

T5 Lamps

I have to say I am greatly impressed with the product

“Just wanted to share my expirience with the new T5 lighting systems, for more than a few years now and having owned a few iguanas I have to say I am greatly impressed with the product, comparing our past iguanas to my current one is astonishing! I am confident her colours are showing more brightly through the new lighting system to that of the past iguanas when we used lower UV products, they were all cared for exacly the same as my current one apart from (the new arcadia T5s now) she is showing bright green colours, for her age she and with our past iggys they would round about now be showing adult darker colourations, my iggy has retained alot of her bright green baby colours and she look absaloutely stunning.

Her natural beauty and we are greatly impressed, since introducing it we also noticed alot of activity in her and her appetite increased even greater, within 10 minutes she stood right up with her head held high, which definately has proven that she needed more than what I was previously providing.

Her colours are impressive, considering one keeper in another country that gets alot of natural light in warm conditions in SA is the only ever iguana I have seen with similar colouration to my current iggy, so that is definately saying something for us over here in the dull rainy UK.!

Many thanks to arcadia and John who helped and advised us and for all the great work you guys do, I will never look back at anything less than a T5 again, this is definately a step in the right direction as Alby is seeming to show!”


T5 Tropical Pro and T5 D3+ 12% UV

Arcadia lighting an amazing product for plants and reptiles alike.

“On a personal level I keep and breed a wide range reptiles and exotics with many of my tropical species being kept in live planted vivariums. As such, I am always on the lookout for new and innovating lighting that works for both the plants and the reptiles. I’ve used a wide range of products over the years both branded and unbranded and have never really found bulbs that work for what I want. Twelve months ago, following various conversation with John I was persuaded to give the Arcadia T5 lighting range a try. From the moment they arrived I was absolutely blown away by the bulbs. The bulbs were the Arcadia T5 Tropical Pro for plant growth and the Arcadia T5 D3+ 12% UV tube. I have since also used this combination with the Arcadia D3 6% T5 UV tube.

In particular the bulbs really brought out the colour in various plants. We noticed after 10 minutes under the lights that certain plants became really vibrant developing a red ‘blush’ under the lights which is only normally seen under very good natural lighting. This was seen really well in the airplant T. concolour. The growth with the plants over time is also impressive and all plants growing really well. In addition, the lights had an amazing effect on the reptiles themselves. The lights really brought out the colours in all the animals as well as improving the activity levels seen. Since being under the lights all of the reptiles have become far more active than before, which was unexpected. Furthermore, breeding behaviours have also greatly increased. We are seeing far more breading behaviour and general improved health benefits in all the animals that have been under this light. I have been absolutely blown away by these lights and will no longer be using anything else. I have now upgraded all of my other habitats to these lights and will recommend them to anyone who wants to use the best lights currently available and provide the best possible UV sources for their animals.”

Jason Randall MSc – Arcadia fan

T5 Lamps and Terrarium Polyfilter

Using Arcadia’s T5 lighting system the lizards were showing characteristics of their wild form.

“After keeping reptiles for 19 years I have seen a great change in the hobby. Over the past ten years so much pressure has been put on the retail companies to provide new and innovative reptile products. In the last couple of years there has been two products that have revolutionised the industry in my eyes.

The move from T8 to T5 was always going be good but how good… The answer was simply amazing, I am running T5 lights on all my systems now which comprises of over 50 vivariums. The first notable change was the colour of the reptiles, it was clearest in a clutch of collard lizards I had bred, within two days of using Arcadias T5 lighting system the lizards were showing characteristics of their wild form especially a deep rich blue throat. The second difference I noticed was on leopard geckos which I had been running side by side with T8 vs. T5 .

I was amazed to see the leopard geckos behaviour changing to that of a wild type, becoming more nocturnal, whereas the leopard geckos under the T8 were out more of the day. I believe that we should try to recreate nature in a vivarium this light is an enabler. After using the T5 for a few months you see a negligible change in light output, it is bright. Not just bright but a natural bright that a T8 can not replicate making it the ONLY choice for desert species such as Uromastyx sp. and Bearded dragons.

The second product I think that has changed reptile keeping and a huge part of turtle keeping is the Arcadia Terrarium polyfilter. Now I use this product with frogs, newts, axolotl and turtle species. It is the clearest indicator of water quality on the market. Simple to use and by changing colour you are able to adjust the tanks needs. It should be used in all aquatic systems and as a retailer the sale is an easy one, by letting your customer know that they can tell when a water change is needed. Preventing poor water quality and a lack in health.

Adam Hough – Dept. Manager The Japanese Koi Company

T5 D3+ Desert Lamp and Terrarium Polyfilter

What we did notice was intense vivid colouration.

“American Green Tree Frogs (Hyla Cinera) are generally only available in the pet trade from wild caught stock being cheap and in ready supply. As a company we are looking at what animals are currently popular but only available as wild caught and seeing what we can do to address the balance by making them available commercially as captive bred stock. With this in mind we acquired a group of tree frogs a year ago with the intention of conditioning and breeding them.

The set up is a minimally furnished glass terrarium with a small water pool and branches for climbing, no substrate is used for ease of cleaning and as they are kept in a heated room that maintains a steady temperature no other source of heating is provided. The terrarium is situated near a source of natural light but also has an Arcadia T5 D3+ (12% UVB) placed over the top screen mesh of the terrarium. As they are a nocturnal species being both very active and vocal at night (you couldn’t keep these in a bedroom without earplugs) it could be considered overkill having such an intense level of UVB over them. We looked out for signs of stress in the frogs that could be caused by overexposure from UV such as constant dull colouration, hiding from the lamp and eye problems. I am pleased to say none occurred, in fact what we did notice was intense vivid colouration in the frogs and a desire to position themselves around the enclosure to optimize their exposure to the lamp and on occasions some frogs clambering on top of each other in what appeared as an attempt to gain the most benefit! The frogs were maintained like this for a year allowing them to cool slightly over winter but still providing them with additional UVB. In the spring heating levels were increased back to normal and a basking light was placed over the terrarium to signal warmer weather to the frogs. Once the vocalisation of the males had increased at night time we flooded the enclosure, placed plenty of artificial floating vegetation to provide spawning areas and introduced a rain system that ran 24/7. It took some patience but eventually we were rewarded with an evening that started with deafening urgent vocalisations from the males and ended in a terrarium almost full of spawn in the morning. Doing a rough count we appear to have over thousand tadpoles from this first spawning so the next part of the challenge is keeping these tadpoles alive, One of the problems of keeping this amount of tadpoles alive is how quickly they foul the water calling for either mechanical filtration which isnt suitable as the tadpoles become easily trapped in powerfull filters or stressed by the fast moving currents created, or regular water changes. This is where we are expecting the new polyfilter from Arcadia to help us, Polyfilter is a special filter that not only acts as a filter to trap debris it has the ability to lock in harmfull ammonia, nitrates and other toxins. We have adapted a basic sponge airlift filter by wrapping the polyfilter around the sponge so the water is constantly filtered and aerated gently with the added benefit of having the ammonia removed at the same time meaning those stressfull water changes can be kept to a minimum. So that was the easy part, now we have the most difficult phase ahead of us which is hoping that all these tadpoles make it safely through metamorphosis and the feeding of hundreds of hungry froglets!”

Livefoods By Post Ltd

T5 D3+ Desert Lamp; D3 Basking Lamp

The animals general alertness, colouration and character has improved 110%.

“Since changing the lighting systems on my Rhino iguanas (Agro and Ugly )to Arcadia D3+ High Output T5 systems and using the 160w D3 Basking lights as a supplementary source of concentrated UV they have come on leaps and bounds they eat so much more than they used to and the initial breeding response and reactions have been so much more noticeable (fingers crossed ).The animals general alertness, colouration and character has improved 110%.

We also use Arcadia High Output T5s in our frog displays, the plant growth just went mad as soon as we switched from T8s, the frogs colours and behaviour are now just WOW!! From now on any new lights that are going into the shop will all be Arcadia High Output T5’s.”

Terry Matthews – Owner of Penfolds Reptiles, Herne Bay, Kent.

T5 D3+ 12% Lamp – Customer Review

“We have been using T5 in store on both our larger and smaller exhibits since they were first available. Since doing so we have observed enhanced colours in many species and increased levels of daytime activity. We feel it has also helped boost levels of breeding activity in our varanids, and since the change we have had viable eggs from our Varanus reisingeri. In addition to all of the husbandry benefits the T5 tubes bring, due to their higher output they light our 210cm tall exhibits beautifully where as previously even with the use of metal halide lamps our taller exhibits were left looking dark and dingy.We recommend Arcadia T5 lamps to all our customers and it is now the standard lamp we send out with all chameleons.”

Dave Laux-Manager Grange Reptiles

T5 D3 & D3 Basking Lamp – Customer Review

I’m saving about £7 per week on my Electric!

“I used to use a M.V lamp solely for my CWD in a 3x4x2 viv for about 7 months and i thought it was ok till I tried an Arcadia T5 system and separate heat basking site, and I wont go back. They use a lot of leccy, I’m saving about £7 per week using the T5 and spot bulb, also M.V isn’t bright enough just on it’s own.”

Stungy RFUK Forum

T5 D3+ Desert Lamp – Customer Review

“I’ve had no problems with mine at all. I use T5 D3+. I make an effort to put them to the front of my cages so they can still bask without getting fried by UV, if they want UV they move under it. Ive noticed the behaviour of my chams has changed dramatically. They’re a lot more active, eat like pigs, go crazy for the females and their colours have gone insane. This can also be contributed to my strict routine and gutload methods but the T5’s have definately made the biggest difference in them.”

benton1576 RFUK Forum

Which products sold well in 2011?

Despite the ecominic downturn we have done well with high end Royal Pythons – morphs such as Bumblebees, Pastels, Lemon Blast, Spiders, Pleds and Blue Eyed Laucistics. Some of these go for £1,000+. At the other end of the scale, Leopard Geckos have been popular again this year too. Equipment wise it has been UV tubes. We strongly promote the Arcadia range as it is a great quality UV tube that is priced really well. We work closely with Francis Bains, who did research for the online UV guide ( We’re confident that the Arcadia lights outlast other tubes and are up there in quality terms with the more expensive ones on the market. It is great to have access to this reaserch as you can’t just rely on the marketing.

Tom Casey – Wildside Specialist Reptile Retailer, Newport, South Wales

NEW Arcadia Vivarium Canopy wins top award!

Arcadia’s mesh T5 luminaire, which attaches above the mesh at the topof the vivarium, has scooped the Aqua 2011 best reptile product of the year, awarded in conjunction with the trade association OATA. The flexibility of this system is such that it can be used safely with both misting and rain system set-ups if required, and accommodates Arcadia’s high performance T5 and Compact reptile lamps. A high performance reflector is also included in the design of these units, making sure that the vivarium occupants benefit to the maximum extent from the light output. There is an optional acrylic cover which allows through UV light, and prevents dirt build-up on the lamp. This also means that animals cannot come into contact with a hot lamp if the unit is used inside a vivarium. The on-off control is conveniently located on the flex, so that it is easily accessible. “We were delighted to win the award” say Arcadia. “But we won’t be sitting back! There are a number of other, new revolutionary products that we’re currently working on in the lighting area at present, and we’ll hopefully be launching some of these soon.”

Practical Reptile Keeping December 2011

Arcadia T5 D3+ Lamp – Customer Review

“I’d just like to share some points that I have noticed as a result of using Arcadia T5 D3+ tubes in my Freckled Monitor (Varanus Tristis Orientalis) enclosure. I am absolutely convinced that general activity levels have increased, but in addition to this, once a week rodent treats are now taken with enthusiasm but previously there was no interest whatsoever. I have had contact with other Monitor keepers also citing such things as courtship behaviour and even breeding as a result of subsequently changing to Arcadia T5 technology. I’m not too much into the science of what is going on here. . .maybe it’s an improvement in general well being from the UVB content or perhaps it’s just that the reptiles are seeing the world in their natural spectrum for the first time, but it definitely seems as though these tubes flick some natural behavior trigger. If you want to provide the best for your reptile/s . . . I recommend Arcadia T5 with no hesitation.”

Marcus Latuske-Hearl April 2012

Arcadia T5 Lamp – Customer Review

“I have been breeding reptiles and amphibians in excess of twenty years. Over this period I have seen many products come and go. I have invested time and money in the pursuit of achieving the best for my animals. Up until recently, the quality of lighting has not played a large part in the well being and breeding of reptiles. As better quality UV tubes have been produced, breeding results have increased and more natural behaviour has been observed. Last year I had more vigorous feeding, increased activity levels and healthier overall appearance from my pink tongue skinks after changing to Arcadia 6% T5 tubes. I switched to 12% T5’s about nine months ago on my Xenagama breeding project and the results have been excellent. The colouration and growth, especially in the babies, has been remarkable. These little guys need loads of UV and calcium when young to grow properly. I now only use Arcadia T5 tubes and reflectors and would not use anything else, the results have been amazing.”

Peter Blake – Big Yellow Gecko April 2012

Arcadia Vivarium Canopy 24W T5

Customer Review…

You said that Arcadia will be producing an in-viv T5 Canopy soon; well we could not wait so suspended a 24 Watt Vivarium Canopy INSIDE our Bearded Dragons’ Herptek cage. Although the lizards had a D3 UV Basking Lamp in situ, with 10 minutes of switching on the T5 Canopy, the lizards migrated towards it and flattened out to absorb the UV! After 20 minutes all 3 lizards were fighting for space under the tube – finally our Blue Tongue Skink, who is mormally shy, tried to get on top of the Beardies and changed to a much brighter colour! They obviously know what is best for them.

Richard Butler BHS Education Committee Member 19th April 2012

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Significant breakthrough for amphibians and turtles

A slightly different approach to filtration, which benefits not just turtles, but is likely to be exceedingly valuable for amphibians too, is a product called Poly-Filter®, also from Arcadia. It represents a real breakthrough, particularly with tadpoles where maintaining strict water quality is essential and yet can also prove very tricky. Poly-Filter® is a unique mechanical and chemical filtration pad that removes pollutants and soluble toxins from the water, helping to prevent health problems arising. It will safely and efficiently strip out ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from the water, as well as removing insecticides and potentially harmful metals. The pad will even change colour, identifying particular issues with water quality. A greenish-yellow colour, for example, indicates a build-up of ammonia, while yellow confirms the presence of lead, revealing a potential problem with your tap water at the outset. Easy to use Poly-Filter® is simple to use and can be cut to any shape or size. One quarter of a pad will treat 50l (11gal) of water and it can be either located into the main filter or can be used directly in the water. Small pieces may be placed in the shallow pools provided for dart frogs and other amphibians, in areas where conventional filtration would not otherwise be possible. Poly-Filter® will help to protect the occupants from both a build-up of waste matter and potentially harmful substances that may be present in tap water. Exciting times It is therefore becoming easier than ever to keep and breed turtles, as well as amphibians, by taking advantage of the latest technological advances. This can only be a good thing for the animals themselves, and obviously increases the enjoyment to be gained from the hobby.

Practical Reptile Keeping April 2012

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