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Creating a spectacular moonlight effect!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Customer Reviews

I have also had great success using the Arcadia Moonlight LED lights on my two leopard geckos. The geckos instantly loved the bulbs and they are also great for viewing them for a few hours each evening. The blue given off is the closest I have seen to moonlight in moonlight reptile bulbs.
Bradley Walker.


The Arcadia LED moonlight is totally waterproof and can be fully submersed in water if required. It emits no heat at all and can be affixed to a vivarium or terrarium in a number of ways. The kit includes a pair of brackets that allow the LED bar to be either affixed to glass (with the suckers provided) or self tapping screws that can be used to fix it into a wooden vivarium. The LED fitting can be rotated in the clips to focus the light where it is most required.

  • Low voltage LED vivarium moonlight
  • Perfetta per l’osservazione al “chiaro di luna” o notturna
  • Safe true blue moonlight that will not elevate vivarium temperatures
  • Può essere ruotata per regolare l’angolo di illuminazione
  • Safe to use with fog, mist and rain systems
  • Can be angled to focus the light from front to back

The Benefits of Moonlight LED Striplight

Many reptiles are known to be Crepuscular, these are animals that are more active at early morning and late evening. Historically, keepers have had to use low powered tungsten lamps with either a blue or red filter applied to the lamp. This method often produces more light than is required and a high level of heat. It is very important that reptile enclosures are allowed to cool naturally over night, this allows the completion of the D3 cycle. The Arcadia LED moonlight fitting is a ready to go cold moonlight, emitting light close to the moons output of 3-4 lux. These low voltage lamps will safely light an enclosure so that the keeper can see the animal when it is most active, without disturbing it natural rhythms.

Lower energy bills, great colour output, complete kit, no discernible heat and natural quantity of light. All of these things go into making the perfect LED Moonlighting System.

LED Striplight – IP68

Code Dimensions Colour
A1EN0144R 20x120mm Blue

Important Safety Instructions

  • NEVER touch electrical equipment with wet hands
  • Disconnect all electrical equipment in your aquarium before installation
  • Do not let the USB connector at the end of the cable get wet. If it should fall into the water during installation the connector should be wiped with a dry cloth and left to dry out thoroughly before connecting to the power supply
  • During use, some drops of water may appear in the lens ring that surrounds the LED chamber, this does not affect the safety or performance of the Aquabrite LED spotlight
  • Reptile vision – mount above reptile, not to side to avoid eyes being exposed to direct light

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