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Jungle Dawn SPOT LED

Arcadia Reptile is once again delighted to be able to offer a brand new and even more powerful Full spectrum LED spot lamp to our Jungle Dawn range.

 This Internally ballasted super powerful LED ‘spot’ lamp is complete with active fan cooling and provides a MASSIVE PAR of over 2500 at 10cms from the unit. This level of energy ensures that the Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED SPOT will provide stunning plant growth rates and high visible light levels to enclosures that have never been possible before. It is suitable for planted vivaria of more than 3’high.

This product may also be used in shallower enclosures for high light level species of plant and of course over Zoological exhibits.

This impressive Full spectrum LED spot lamp uses cutting edge science and ever improving technology to generate explosive plant growth rates in larger, deeper enclosures without any compromise to the full spectrum colour of light. The 40w Arcadia Jungle Dawn Spot lamp uses all of the useful features of its shorter cousins, 6500k Kelvin full spectrum colour, E27 screw fitting, high CRI, can be used anywhere in the world, internal ballast, 60 degree lenticular lens and has active fan cooling.

Jungle Dawn Spot LED 40W

The Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn Spot uses cutting edge LED tech to supply plants with all of the energy that they need and at the right wavelengths for powerful and sustained growth from a full spectrum light source without reducing CRI or PAR by using single blue and red LED lamps. You will see a ‘flood’ of natural daylight not spots or shafts of red and blue. This product will greatly increase visible light levels inside of your enclosure and will help to sustain plant growth.
The Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED spot can also be used to help to initiate reproductive behaviour in some species. It may also be very useful to enrichment for those species with a Parietal eye. This LED lamp does not have any Ultra violet energy or infra-red as heat. As such these vital wavelengths must be provided for to the wild needs of the species to be kept. The Arcadia Reptile range of heat and UVB products will work very well alongside this plant growth system and have very similar colours of light.
Our live display here at Arcadia.

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn is perfect for use in or over all Amphibian setups and especially those in which live plants are grown. It can also be used with day geckos, crested geckos, chameleons, snakes and all other reptiles and amphibians where a high quality non UV emitting light is required.

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn is also perfect for Orchid keepers and for growing all other light loving exotic plants inside of a terrarium or grown separately in soil or hydroponically as a hobby.

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn emits very little heat at all with the metal heat sink radiating the heat backwards out of the fitting. This reduces the risk of overheating an enclosure and of leaf burn in live plants and allows the LEDs to provide quality light for a very long time.

This LED lamp is perfect to be used as part of the Light and shade method and over dedicated areas of heavy plant growth. Plants require water, nutrients, good airflow and the right levels of light at the right wavelengths to grow properly. The Arcadia Jungle Dawn will increase the amount of energy from light available to hobbyist plants and help to sustain fantastic growth as part of a dedicated plant growth system.


  • Perfect to use increase visible light levels and alongside UVB emitting lamps.
  • Solid metal heat sink will increase the product lifespan
  • Energy efficient A++ rated
  • 60º Lenticular lens
  • Can be used with timers.
  • Designed in the U.S for optimum plant growth results.
  • Can be used without modification in any country with an electrical supply between 110-240v!

Light Readings

High light levels at the right wavelengths for powerful plant growth.

Watt 100mm 200mm 300mm 400mm
PAR Klux PAR Klux PAR Klux PAR Klux
40W 2883 218 1620 88 670 52 360 38


E27 screw fitting allows the lamp to be used in any E27 lamp holder or any brand of canopy including the Arcadia Reptile E27 ceramic lamp holder bracket (ADCH).

Code Description Watt Kelvin Fitting
AJDS40 Jungle Dawn LED 40W 6,500K E27
The Arcadia Jungle Dawn fitting will provide unparalleled plant growth and can be used in most live planted and bioactive vivaria and terraria. However care should be taken to ensure that water is not sprayed directly onto the LED. LEDs must be kept cool and have good ventilation to ensure a long lifespan. It is for this reason and the E27 screw design that they cannot be totally waterproof.

Compatible with

Ceramic Lamp Holder Bracket Ceramic Lamp Holder Bracket – more info

Code Description Fitting
ADCH Ceramic Lamp Holder Bracket E27

Ceramic Clamp Lamps Ceramic Clamp Lamp Holders – more info Multi-Directional Clamp Lamp – more info

Code Description Fitting
ART75 140mm / 5.5″  Clamp Lamp E27
ARM160 200mm / 8″ Clamp Lamp E27

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