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IMPORTANT – for use in zoos and very large enclosures.

The SuperZooT5 is a very powerful fitting and as such care must be taken to be sure that you are using the correct fitting for your height enclosure. We should not seek to allow an animal to obtain a dose of UVB that is stronger than could be found in the wild. In a similar way a keeper should be exposed to the ASZ03 fitting at closer than 4’ from the fitting when turned on.

Interested in the SuperZooT5?

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SuperZooT5 Light Unit

This powerful fitting has a usable UVB range of over 10 foot from the unit.

SuperZoo T5 lighting Komodos
Sleeping quarters of the Komodo Dragon enclosure at London Zoo

Hand made in the UK and using all of the very finest components available this unit will not only last a lifetime but it is by far THE MOST POWERFUL SYSTEM providing high potency light and energy from light over a vast area available.

The SuperZooT5 is IP67 totally waterproof, made from aluminium to prevent rusting and can be fitted with any arrangement of lamps.

This is a BEAST of a product that will help to reduce energy consumption and increase the amount of UVB available to animals in large enclosures.

At Arcadia Reptile we passionately believe in solar re-creating to wild levels. This is simply the practice of learning from nature and mimicking it in a way that is safe and of course usable per species.

The light and shade method is central to our core beliefs and as such our product has been designed to be used in an enclosure that allows the animal the chance to self-regulate between heat and a graduated level of UV energy and cool and shade.

We can learn a huge amount from nature and we will soon see our animals start to exhibit a more natural behaviour if allow to self-regulate in this way.

  • Very energy efficient
  • Lights an area of nearly 8’ square and 10’ deep
  • Completely waterproof IP67
  • Comes complete with the lamps
  • Black powder coated to help disguise it from view
  • Can be used for Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Primates and large mammals
  • Made of solid aluminium

All SuperZooT5 units are built in the UK, custom made to order

SuperZoo T5 lighting
This is Subhash, our experienced Production Supervisor.
He’s been with Arcadia many years, and is responsible for the build of each unit, ensuring it’s of the highest quality.

SuperZoo T5 lighting
Each unit is fitted with quality aluminum reflectors for maximum light output.

SuperZoo T5 lighting
T5 Lamps are powered by Electronic Controllers, all fitted with IP67 waterproof lampholders.

SuperZoo T5 lighting
Controllers are then concealed within aluminum casing.

SuperZoo T5 lighting
Complete with a choice of T5 fluorescent lamps installed.

SuperZoo T5 lighting
Finished in black powder coating ensuring the unit is kept discreet, focusing all attention on the animal.

SuperZoo T5 lighting
And here’s the result! A slick and powerful lighting unit, fit for any large enclosure.

SuperZoo T5 lighting

Choice of any lamp configuration. Full spectrum, D3 or D3+ or a mix.

Code Description Lamp Qty Lamp Decription
ASZ01 SuperZooT5 6 D3 6% UVB Forest Lamps
ASZ02 SuperZooT5 3
D3 6% UVB Forest Lamps
Freshwater Pro Lamps
ASZ03 SuperZooT5 6 D3 12% UVB Desert Lamps
ASZ04 SuperZooT5 3
D3 12% UVB Desert Lamps
D3 6% UVB Forest Lamps

Download SuperZooT5 Instructions

SuperZoo T5 lighting
This chart is for reference and as a rough guide only, many species have differing requirements, if you are unsure please email us directly.

SuperZoo T5 lighting

SuperZoo T5 lighting
SuperZoo T5 lighting
SuperZoo T5 lighting
SuperZoo T5 lighting


If you are a zoo or even a private keeper and are interested in our SuperZooT5 unit please get in touch.

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